Ageing Black Spots

AGEING BLACK SPOTSBlack spots(Seborrhoic Keratosis) due to ageing are seen on the face and different parts of the body. Skin tags are large skin hanging type lesions on the neck . These can be removed using Co2 laser in one sitting.


The rule of thumb is, one session of CO2 laser treatment will be capable of removing black spots (Seborrheic Keratosis). Nevertheless, it may take the number of sessions which depends on the size and the number of the lesions.
CO2 laser treatment for black spots is as a rule considered a safe and harmless process if the procedure is performed by a professional and qualified dermatologist or skincare specialist. I should strictly adhere to the treatment plan to avoid any complications in the healing phase.
Before the treatment, you need to know that it's recommended to get consultation with dermatologist and discuss with your doctor about any medical conditions that need attention and medications you're currently taking. Adhere to all pre-treatment instructions that have been given by your healthcare provider. They might include eliminating the use of specific skincare products, medications, or personal care products.
CO2 laser treatment of the black spots resulting in slight discomfort may not be an issue because usually, this procedure is well-tolerated. In the course of your appointment, your dermatologist will first apply a safe local anesthetic cream to the targeted region of your skin in order to alleviate the effect of pain.
CO2 laser therapy treatment will be completed with proper adherence to the post-treatment instructions given by your dermatologist. This could include the use of cooling creams or ointments, shade, or simply nuanced cleansing of the treated area as advised.
The price of greenhouse gas lasers varies among other factors that include the size and number of the lesions, the knowledge and skill of the provider, and the place where the treatment is offered. It is advisable to consult with your dermatologists so you can have a discussion related to the rates and any available financing plans.
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