Stretch Marks

Stretch MarksStretch marks occur with excess fat loss and post delivery condition. This can be treated by e-two RF fractional machine.


The upper lair of the skin will be removed and new skin cells will be generated. Which helps the area looks like the unaffected area.


For better and accurate result some maintain sessions may required


The number of sessions needed for visible results depends on the severity and the area of stretch marks. It requires several treatments with the e-two RF fractional machine to get the desired results.
The stretch mark treatment using the e-two RF fractional machine at the Almeka Medical Centre is very safe. The procedure is carried out by qualified physicians and specialists with the help of modern equipment for the safety of the patient and the effectiveness of the procedure.
Before undergoing the treatment, it is advisable to: Before undergoing the treatment, it is advisable to:
  • The client should not expose the area to the sun for at least two weeks before the session.
  • Do not use any creams or lotions on the affected area before the treatment.
  • Talk to our specialists about your medical history and the medications you are taking.
The e-two RF fractional treatment for stretch marks is well tolerated by patients. It may be slightly painful for some people during the procedure but this can be reduced by the use of topical anesthetics.
After the treatment, it is important to:
  • Do not get the treated area wet or dirty.
  • Protect the area from the sun and use sunscreen to avoid pigment changes.
  • Follow any aftercare instructions that our specialists may give you such as the use of prescribed ointments or avoiding certain activities.
The price of stretch mark treatment is quite affordable and reasonable given the high-tech equipment and high level of professionals. Our team will give you a quote for your treatment based on the costs of the services that you need.
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