TRICHILEMMOMATrichilemmoma are benign neoplasm with differentiation toward pilosebaceous follicular epithelium, or outer root sheath.Clinically, trichilemmomas present as well-defined, smooth, asymptomatic papules or verrucoid growths. They may appear as a solitary or multiple lesions, and are usually found on the head and face.


An anaesthetic cream is applied to the lesions and kept for 45 minutes and all the lesions are removed using Co2 laser in a single session. There will be a wound to the size of the lesion which will be healed within few days.


Results are excellent and there were no recurrences and there was no scarring.


No maintenance treatment required.


The CO2 laser is usually used to excise trichilemmomas in one session. The results are visible after the procedure is done.
Almeka Medical Centre CO2 laser treatment for trichilemmomas is very safe. The procedure is conducted by highly qualified doctors using the latest laser technology to help the patient avoid complications and achieve the desired effect.
  • Stay away from the sun on the affected area for at least two weeks before the session.
  • It is strictly prohibited to apply any creams or lotions on the lesions before the treatment unless the specialists advise you to do so.
  • Inform our specialists about your medical history and the medications you take during your consultation.
The trichilemmoma removal treatment includes the application of an anesthetic cream on the lesions which is left for 45 minutes to minimize pain. This numbing effect makes it a painless procedure for most patients.
  • Avoid contact with water and do not get the treated area wet.
  • Stay away from the sun and use sunscreen on the treated area to prevent hyperpigmentation.
  • Adhere to any specific aftercare recommendations given by our specialists such as the application of prescribed ointments or the avoidance of certain activities until the wound is completely healed.
The cost of trichilemmoma treatment at Almeka Medical Centre is relatively low and reasonable given the high-tech equipment and qualified specialists. Our team will give you a detailed cost estimate during your consultation depending on the nature of your treatment plan.
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