Black Moles

BLACK MOLESBlack Moles formed in our face and body creates irritation and inconvenience sometimes. This can be effectively removed in a single or double sitting using Co2 laser machine.


After the treatment procedure, the black mole will disappear completely and the skin becomes normal color within days. Supporting medicine may be prescribed.


Black mole removal requires only one sitting and no maintenance sessions required.


The visible results may be seen after a single or two sessions that last approximately 5-7 minutes for shallow and deep repigmentation. A clear plan of action will be prepared by your healthcare provider at the time you are consulted.
The modal (Co2 laser) is in general deemed safe when applied, by waste, at the hands of a competent healthcare professional. Nevertheless, like all medical procedures, there are drawbacks and risks as well. They will be discussed with you during the pre procedure checkup.
At the beginning, patient should read, analyze and apply any provided by his/her healthcare provider before the treatment. It maybe that excluding certain drugs or cosmetic products or just describe any previous medical conditions is applied.
Because treatment may need some minimum level of discomfort like an experience of warmth during the process. The complaint, however, is perceived by many patients as quite excusable. A healthcare professional can explain a choice employing for pain management, including the application of a local anesthetic cream.
Following the treatment with specialists, you will need to adhere to the instructions about recommended post-treatment care given to you by your provider of healthcare. It could involve cleaning and coverage of the are being treated from the sun, and continual stop of scabs from picking.
The cost of the black mole removal treatment can range from cases to cases and in situations where it is not a small mole, it may require more sessions. I recommend that you talk with your healthcare provider concerning the cost, and whether the treatment has any available payment options during the consultation.
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