Tuberous Sclerosis

TUBEROUS SCLEROSISA rash of reddish spots or bumps, which appear on the nose and cheeks in a butterfly distribution. They consists of blood vessels and fibrous tissue. This socially embarrassing rash starts to appear during childhood . It is the skin abnormality of the disease “Tuberous sclerosis” which is a rare multi-system genetic disease that causes non-malignant tumors to grow in the brain and on other vital organs such as the kidneys, heart, eyes, lungs, and skin.


An anaesthetic cream is applied to the lesions and kept for 45 minutes and all the lesions are removed using Co2 laser in a single or multiple session depends upon the number of lesions present. There will be small wounds which will be healed within few days.


Treated lesions will have good result.


Untreated lesions need laser ablation at a later date


The session number that is adequate for the delta will be different for each person and will depend on the quantity and severity of lesions that will be removed. The evaluation of your condition and assignment of a suitable to-treatment program by a healthcare professional are the goals of this consultation.
The therapy that rather includes the use of an anesthetic cream followed by Co2 laser destruction of lesions is widely seen to be safe provided it is performed by a competent healthcare professional. Even though this procedure might be taken as a medical practice, which all has its risks and problems, thankfully, in most cases there are only minor complications which will be described in details before the operation.
Before the procedure, it is most vital to follow any pre-treatment guidelines provided by the healthcare professional. This may range from steering clear of different medications and cosmetics to divulging any health information pertinent to current skin concerns.
The use of anesthetic cream is responsible for the reduction in uncomfortability during the operation. The pain is masked and the procedure is painless. While a small percentage of patients can still feel a mild inconvenience or a sense of heat during the Co2 laser treatment, most find this treatment completely painless and without other discomforts. The doctor of your choice will providers the over details about the pains management with you.
After the therapy is completed, do not forget to follow the post-treatment care tips that will be shared with you by your doctor. For instance, it may involve the washing off of the retained substance and also covering the section as well as the protection from the sunlight. Furthermore, one is supposed to avoid some beauty products and activities that will be irritating the bones.
The price for treatment may fluctuate because it depends on the amount of sessions and the severity of the skin complaints. Discussing the expense and any presented payment choices during the preliminary visit with the doctor is preferable.
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