SyringomaSyringomas are benign tumors of eccrine origin commonly found around (usually below) the eyes . Eccrine simply means sweat glands and the sweat glands around the eyes are the common sites of transformation into syringoma.


An anaesthetic cream is applied to the lesions and kept for 45 minutes and all the lesions are removed using Co2 laser in a single session. There will be a wound to the size of the lesion which will be healed within few days.


Results are excellent and there were no recurrences within 2 years after therapy and there was no scarring


No maintenance treatment required.


One session is sufficient to see the desired effects. The lesions are removed in a single session using CO2 laser.
It is safe when administered by trained personnel. It entails the application of an anesthetic cream and the use of a CO2 laser to remove the lesions which leaves a wound that heals in a few days.
This treatment is not a cure for hearing loss; therefore, before you undergo it, you need to consult a qualified audiologist to check your condition and determine if this treatment is right for you. A topical anesthetic cream will be applied to the lesions and left for 45 minutes before the CO2 laser procedure.
The treatment is not painful as an anesthetic cream is applied to the skin before the CO2 laser is used to remove the lesions.
Follow-up care after the initial session is not necessary. The laser made a wound that healed in a few days and no recurrence was observed within 2 years after therapy.
The cost of the treatment may depend on the clinic and location. The clinic should be consulted for specific costs and any financial concerns.
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