PIMPLESPimples of various stages like mild, moderate, severe and nodular type are treated here. A permutation and combination of regular face wash with 2% salicylic acid, sunscreen lotion, salicylic peeling, pulse therapy antibiotics, Nd YAG Laser treatment and oral isotretinoin are used for pimple treatment.

Almeka provides great care and the right treatment for the patients. With a team of experts and specialists, Almeka Medical Centre guarantees a glowing, young radiant skin for you. You can bid goodbye to all your insecurities and worries regarding the acne and pimples and every other skin issue that bothers you. With Almeka, make sure that you are confident enough to flaunt your beauty as Almeka gives you a healthy and beautiful skin for a happy life.

Causes of Acne or Pimples

  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress or Pressure
  • Food habits ( oily, greasy, fried or junk foods)
  • Dirt or Pollution
  • Drugs
  • Heredity
  • Occupational or Working conditions ( if working in an industrial background)
  • Cosmetics

above mentioned are the main causes of Pimple

The normally developing white heads and blackheads are the mild acnes which is a regular visitor while moderate acnes are red inflamed pimples also called papules and the red pimples with white inflammation are the pustules. Sever acnes makes nodules, painful pus-filled cysts or lumps that appear under the skin. Worst forms of acne causes serious scarring due to the nodules which leave permanent scars unlike other acnes.

chemical peeling for Acne

A chemical peel is an acidic solution, which is applied to the affected parts of your skin. On penetrating the skin, the solution destroys dead skin, unclogs pores and makes way for new skin to regenerate. The acne blemishes and scars disappear.


The number of sessions required for results to be visible is patients-specific; it depends fairly on the acne severity and the method of treatment chosen. To get better outcomes, multisession approach is necessary.
The safety of acne treatment using peeling, pulse therapy antibiotics, Nd YAG Laser treatment, and oral isotretinoin is subject to the influencing factors, namely, the individual's medical history, skin type, and an experience of a healthcare provider. More importantly, you should seek for a consultation of a skilled dermatology doctor who can be of help by evaluating your condition and recommending a risk-free and efficient treatment plan for your own sake.
Prior to acne treatment, it should be medical history, current skincare routine and any medications you take to know it during consultation with a dermatologist. Specific pretreatment guidelines from your dermatologist is what you might expect. These very often include avoiding the use of certain skincare products or medications, as these might be incompatible with the treatment.
The range of discomfort conditions one can experience during acne treatment will fall into the individual categories of different procedures being undertaken. Such as salicylic peeling and Nd YAG Laser treatment for instance, may be characterized by a slight prickling sensation or an unpleasant tingling sensation, while oral isotretinoin therapy will have some side effects. Your dermatologist will inform you of the pain management strategies and ease your pain during the course period.
Following acne treatment, your dermatologist should be able to provide you with a list of after-treatment instructions that you must closely follow. The choice of the soft cleansing products, the avoidance of UV damage, and the committed to the skin healing diet may become those steps toward avoiding from the recurrence of the future acne episodes.
The fees of acne treatments can differ basing on the method of treatment used, the severity of the acne, and the location of the clinic among others. The first step in getting rid of this problem is to consult your dermatologist in order for them to discuss the treatment cost and the available financing options to you. Furthermore, the fact that some insurance companies may include certain treatments amongst their patented range is another factor in your plan specifications
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