PRF – Platelet rich fibrin

Platelet rich fibrin matrix: The newest generation PRP

PRFM Treatment KochiPRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix ) is a 100 % natural treatment that is safe, effective, with no risk of allergy, reaction or rejection. It’s a powerhouse of natural growth factors which can be used for improving aging skin, improve overall skin health, dark and hollow under eyes, acne scars, wound healing and even hair regrowth!!
PRF is made by centrifuging your own blood like in PRP, the difference being there is no additive in PRF. Containing a higher concentration of fibrin, white blood cells and stem cells than the PRP, the PRF can be injected or infused in the skin or scalp via tiny injections or micro needling. These fibrin applications are injected under topical anesthesia on the skin, including the under eye area to rejuvenate and also on the scalp to stimulate hair regrowth and treat hair fall! It takes at least 3 sessions to get the best results as it slowly stimulates your skin to give long lasting results!

What does PRF do?

  • It stimulates collagen and fibrin production by releasing growth factors slowly with time. Hence it is used in improving dull skin, acne scars, fine lines, pores and even pigmentation!
  • It promotes face restructuring and helps to minimise the effects of aging.
  • Brightens, tightens and increases elasticity of the skin, especially under eyes
  • Works in combo with PRP facial/vampire facial to get the max out of our blood’s natural growth factors!!
PRF is effective on all skin types and colours and is taking the beauty industry by storm!!
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