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skin-tighteningRF Skin Tightening for Skin Sagging

Almeka uses e-Two sublime machine having radio frequency technology from Syneron Israel which is approved by FDA and CE for skin tightening procedures. Collagen (type I and type III) – insoluble fibrous protein in the extracellular matrix is responsible for firmness of young skin It gets rapidly reduced by the age of 40 due to UV rays, free radicals, chlorinated water, smoking, and pollution is responsible for skin sagging. The sublime procedure induces the formation of new collagen by:-

Heat down the deep dermis and cause collagen contracture and denaturation Induce growth factors that stimulate new collagen synthesis
Replace the old collagen with new fibers that will histologically more compact.

In the skin tightening treatment at Almeka, new collagen is formed in the sublime procedure. Collagen contracture and denaturation is caused by the heat down the deep dermis. New fibers take over old collagens. These are more compact and better organized. It provides a less wrinkled and smoother skin making you look younger and radiant.

Say goodbye to the days of worrying over the wrinkles and saggy skin. You no longer have to worry about not having the perfect skin or perfect smile or having a very saggy skin. Almeka Medical Center ensures you and your skin a happy life. With the skin tightening treatment, you no longer have to feel insecure about imperfections. Beat down your insecurities with Almeka Medical Center. Connect with us to have a smooth and young skin and stay radiant. Always!


Individuals aged 18 and above are eligible for skin tightening treatments to address their aesthetic concerns. However, Botulinum Toxin treatment is recommended for those under 60.
Depending on the treatment method and the severity of sagging, your dermatologist may suggest two to four sessions spread over several months or years. For instance, HIFU may involve up to four sessions per year with a three-month gap between each. Botox may require two to three sessions, with results lasting four to six months, while filler treatments may offer results lasting up to 1.5 years.
Improvements can be noticed after the first session, with optimal results achieved after at least three treatment sessions. The timeline depends on the severity of skin sag and the chosen modality.
Experienced dermatologists at Almeka Skin Clinic administer minimally-invasive treatments like High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, Botulinum Toxin, Fillers, and Monopolar Radiofrequency with topical anesthesia for a painless experience. However, clients may feel mild heat during HIFU and Monopolar RF treatments.
Significant side effects are rare, with temporary redness being the most common, typically subsiding within 30 minutes with a cold compress.
The exact cost varies based on the treatment modality, target area, severity of concern, and the required number of sessions.
Dermatologists at Almeka Skin Clinic may recommend the following post-care guidelines:
  • Avoid parlour services for a week.
  • Use prescribed night creams after three days.
  • Refrain from heavy exercises or makeup for a day.
  • Avoid facial massages for the next month.
  • Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going outdoors.
  • Avoid bending down or lying flat for four hours after botulinum toxin treatment.
Session duration varies by modality:
  • HIFU and Monopolar RF sessions may take 2.5 hours, including 1 hour for topical anesthesia and 1.5 hours for treatment.
  • Botox and Fillers sessions may last 1.5 hours, including an hour for numbing cream application and 30 minutes for the procedure.
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