Scalp Threads Hairfall Treatment

One of the newest, non-surgical options for stopping hair loss and creating new growth is PDO aka polydioxanone threads.

This therapy involves inserting tiny threads into the scalp that over time are safely absorbed into the body. The purpose of this therapy is to stimulate the body’s natural response to small wounds which researchers have found to enhance the expression of hair-related genes, release growth factors that regulate cell growth and division and activate stem cells in the hair bulb region.

The treatment itself is quick, with no downtime and relatively painless after using numbing creams. Results vary based on the stage of #hairloss ( early intervention is the best), the addition of other therapies as well as personal health and lifestyle.

Results of a single session of scalp threads last much longer than conventional PRP and Microneedling, though a combined approach will always encourage better results.

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