NEUROFIBROMANeurofibromatosis (commonly abbreviated NF; neurofibromatosis type 1 is also known as von Recklinghausen disease) is a genetically-inherited disorder in which the nerve tissue grows tumors (neurofibroma) that may be benign and may cause serious damage by compressing nerves and other tissues. The disorder affects all neural crest cells (Schwann cells, melanocytes and endoneurial fibroblasts). Cellular elements from these cell types proliferate excessively throughout the body, forming tumors; melanocytes also function abnormally in this disease, resulting in disordered skin pigmentation and café au lait spots. The tumors may cause bumps under the skin, colored spots, skeletal problems, pressure on spinal nerve roots, and other neurological problems. Neurofibromatosis is an autosomal dominant disorder, which means only one copy of the affected gene is needed for the disorder to develop. Therefore, if only one parent has neurofibromatosis, his or her children have a 50% chance of developing the condition as well. The severity in affected individuals can vary, this may be due to variable expressivity. Approximately half of cases are due to de novo mutations and no other affected family members are seen. It affects males and females equally.


An anaesthetic cream is applied to the lesions and kept for 45 minutes and all the lesions are removed using Co2 laser in a single or multiple session depends upon the number of lesions present. There will be small wounds which will be healed within few days.


Treated lesions will have good result.


Untreated lesions need laser ablation at a later date


The number of therapy sessions needed that lead to the visible result also vary depending on the number and volume of the neurofibromas that should get treated. When you guide the consultant, your doctor will define a special treatment strategy which will work best for you.
The treatment, extracted earlier by using a anesthetic cream and protected by micro-focused Co2 laser complication removal after the ellipse, it is usually believed that to be safe when applied by a dully certified healthcare practitioner. Yet, like any other medical treatment, this one also implies risks and side effects and we will address that with you before the procedure is conducted.
The utmost attention should be paid previously given instructions, that is, you should follow any pre-treatment recommendations from your healthcare provider. Thus, one may be required to refrain from certain drugs and cosmetic products while ensuring that one's health is known to medical professionals
As a means of further passing patient comfort during the procedure, a local anesthetic is given and used.Nonetheless, there are other patients who may continuing feeling slight uncomfortable or sense of hotness at the procedure of Co2 laser treatment. If you mention that the pain persists, the health provider can advise you on the possible pain therapy options.
Up to soon, you may notice some small injuries that will get shaped after three days. It's recommended to adhere to the instructions provided by your healthcare professional following the treatment in order to reach the most effective result in the healing process.
The cost of treatment will be different based upon the number of sessions scheduled a patient has to go through and the level of neurofibromas extents in a patient. You should definitely talk to your healthcare practitioner about the cost of treatments and the finances during the appointment so that you can address your concerns at that time.
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