Oxy Peel

Oxy PeelOxypeel is done using a machine which compresses oxygen from atmosphere and combines with normal saline attached to the machine. The compressed oxygen along with the water (normal saline) is forcibly pumped into the skin surface. It is a new technique which is done prior to chemical peels which is more effective than chemical peel alone. OxyPeel Process is a natural and biological process for cleansing the face, while rejuvenating and de stressing the skin, removing incidences of acne and wrinkles.

Oxy Peel Benefits

Oxy Peel is one of the best forms of skin smoothing and wrinkle removal that is non surgical. At Almeka a holistic approach is taken even to this seemingly simple process of Oxy Peel, where the client is made to feel at home and moisturising agents are prescribed according to the skin tone, after the process is completed. The equipment used for Oxy Peeling are state of the art and the technician wields a hand held nozzle that directs pressure at the target areas of the skin like dermambrasion techniques to bring about a visible instantaneous change in the texture and smoothness of the skin and also goes a long way in filling wrinkles.

How does Oxy Peel Therapy work ?

OxyPeel works biologically to exfoliate and refresh your skin with specially designed microjet hand piece. Your skin is first exfoliated and hydrated by infusing oxygen & saline into the skin cells without any abrasion or discomfort. This step is followed by transcutaneous infusion of vital vitamins, anti-ageing collagen boosters, anti-acne serums, whitening cocktails and other minerals depending on your particular skin problems.


Oxy Peel Therapy is a non-surgical skin treatment that combines compressed oxygen with normal saline, pumped into the skin surface using a specialized machine. It is often performed prior to chemical peels for enhanced effectiveness.
Oxy Peel provides visible and instantaneous changes in skin texture and smoothness. It also contributes to filling wrinkles, offering a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.
Oxy Peel Therapy, when done prior to chemical peels, enhances the effectiveness of the overall treatment. It provides a thorough cleansing and rejuvenation process for the skin.
Oxy Peel is generally suitable for various skin types. However, a consultation with a skincare professional at Almeka Skin Clinic is recommended to determine the suitability for individual skin conditions.
The duration of an Oxy Peel Therapy session may vary, but it is generally a relatively quick and efficient process.
No, Oxy Peel is not painful. The process is designed to be comfortable, and patients typically experience minimal discomfort.
The longevity of results can vary among individuals. Regular sessions and proper skincare maintenance can contribute to longer lasting effects.
The cost of Oxy Peel Therapy may vary, and specific pricing details can be discussed during a consultation with our skincare professionals at Almeka.
  • Let the Oxy Peel Treatment, calm your worries

    Let the Oxy Peel Treatment, calm your worries

    Oxy Peel takes the lead in advanced skin rejuvenation, employing compressed oxygen and saline to deliver remarkable results. Through a gentle and non-intrusive approach, this procedure taps into the natural essence of skincare, expertly revitalizing and purifying the skin while…

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