xanthelasmaXanthelasma (or xanthelasma palpebrarum) is a sharply demarcated yellowish deposit of cholesterol underneath the skin, usually on or around the eyelids. Although not harmful or painful, these minor growths may be disfiguring and can be removed. They are common in people of Asian origin and those from the Mediterranean region. Because of the hereditary component, they may or may not indicate high blood levels of cholesterol.  A xanthelasma may instead be referred to as a xanthoma when becoming larger and nodular, assuming tumorous proportions. Still, it is often classified simply as a sub type of xanthoma.

Xanthelasma Treatment Process

An anaesthetic cream is applying to the lesions and kept for 45 minutes and all the lesions are removing using Co2 laser in a single session. There will be wound to the size of the lesion which will be healing within few days.


The results are excellent.


No maintenance treatment required.

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Visible results for xanthelasma treatment can often be achieved in a single session using Co2 laser at Almeka.
The xanthelasma treatment at Almeka Medical Center is considered safe. An anaesthetic cream is applied to the lesions before the Co2 laser is used in a single session.
Prior to treatment, it is advisable to follow any specific instructions provided by the medical professionals. This may include details on skincare, hygiene, or other preparatory measures.
The xanthelasma treatment process involves applying an anaesthetic cream to the lesions, making the procedure relatively painless. Co2 laser is then used to remove the lesions in a single session.
After xanthelasma treatment, follow any post-treatment care instructions provided by Almeka Medical Center. This may include guidelines on skincare, avoiding certain activities, or using any prescribed medications.
We competitive and reasonable pricing for xanthelasma treatment. Affordability may vary depending on the specific treatment plan recommended for an individual. For detailed information on costs, it is advisable to consult with medical professionals.
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