Remodel your skin with the peel you like!

Remodel your skin with the peel you like!

Remodel your skin with the peel you like!

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Unhappy and bothered about the skin troubles that has dulled your face or cause acne and other scars? Reveal your true skin at Almeka Medical Centre with our chemical peeling. Chemical peeling is the remodelling of the skin by the application of chemical agents of certain strength.

Why Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling treats acne, wrinkles, pigmentation, and also enhances the overall appearance and complexion of the skin. Almeka guarantees to meet your expectations and deliver happiness through our expertise service.

Types of Chemical Peels at Almeka

Almeka Medical Centre has superficial peels and medium depth peels. Superficial peels available at Almeka are:

  • Glycolic peel – All purpose peel
  • Salicylic peel – Antibacterial
  • Keratolytic peel –  Pimple prone skin
  • Mandelic peel – Oily and pigmented skin
  • Lactic peel- Dry and sensitive skin

Medium peel at Almeka is Trichloroacetic peel for Acanthosis nigricans, Xanthelasma etc.

More about Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling is the process of resurfacing and regenerating the skin by causing a controlled wound. Collagen remodelling is induced by removing the top skin layers. This improves ane scars, sun-damaged skin, wrinkles, skin pigmentation, and the texture of the skin. The depth of the recovery is determined by the strength of the chemical peel.  With a longer recovery period, the improvements to the skin will be greater.

The process of Chemical Peeling

The peeling is performed by specialised doctors who are experts in the field of skin care. The skin is cleansed thoroughly and the eyes are kept closed and covered. Chemical peel solution along with a number of serums to aid the skin is applied on the face. The comfort level of the patient is ensured throughout the procedure and the neutralization is also maintained. The recovery process involves using aiding serums. The procedure is completed by placing a soothing balm and sunscreen on the face.

Get the best chemical peeling for your skin at Almeka Medical Center for a young, vibrant and healthy skin. Book your specialist, today!