Melasma (Karymangalam)

Melasma (karymangalam)The occurrence of Melasma (karymangalam) is often considered as a bad luck among a section of the society and because of this the patient comes with much stress to the clinic for a solution . We work out on a special treatment plan with the help of cosmelan pack. and the result is quiet amazing.


The duration of the treatment with the Cosmelan pack depends on the severity of the melasma and could require 3-4 sessions. Patients will begin to see results after a few sessions.
Cosmelan pack in the treatment of melasma at Almeka Medical Centre is safe. All our treatments are planned by our qualified dermatologists to reduce the risk of side effects while maximizing the treatment’s effectiveness.
Before undergoing the treatment, it is advisable to: Before undergoing the treatment, it is advisable to:
  • Ensure that the affected area is not exposed to sunlight for at least 2 weeks before the session.
  • Do not apply any ointments or creams on the affected area before the therapy unless recommended by our specialists.
  • Inform the specialists about your medical history and the medications that you are taking during the consultation.
Cosmelan pack treatment for melasma is usually well tolerated by the patients. Some people may feel a slight tingling or numbness while the treatment is being applied but this is temporary and does not last long.
After the treatment, it is important to: After the treatment, it is important to:
  • Avoid dryness and irritation in the treated area.
  • Stay away from the sun and use high SPF sunscreen to avoid pigmentation.
  • If any aftercare instructions are given by the specialists, they should be followed, which may include the application of certain creams or avoiding certain activities.
The price of melasma treatment at Almeka Medical Centre is reasonably high but still affordable compared to the high level of technology and expertise that is offered. Our team will give a detailed cost estimate after a consultation based on the individual needs of the treatment plan.
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