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ALMEKA BRIDE & GROOMA customized pre-marital skin rejuvenation program

Wedding is one of the most memorable moments in everyone’s life and looking beautiful and great is as important as the event. The bride and the groom are the cynosure on the D-day and all eyes would be on them. Not just beauty make-up, but aesthetic preparation is what Almeka Medical Centre (AMC) has to offer. A glowing you even without makeup is our promise and gift to the brides and grooms to be. Both men and women who are stepping into marriage will be facing few concerns regarding their skin like pimples, pimple scars, unwanted hair, black moles, sun tanning/darkness, warts etc. We also have advanced treatment to improve your complexion too. It is always advisable to start your skin care regime long before you get prepared for the big day. Months ahead or even a year ahead aesthetic preparation is ideal to make your skin all the more fresh and beautiful and keep you lovely and divine on your wedding day.

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For the Family

Not to say, siblings, parents and relatives too will be noticeable figures on the wedding day. Why stay back because of skin problems? We have effective solutions for unwanted hair, skin tags, ageing black spots, wrinkles, white raised lesion around eyes (xanthelasma) etc. Say bye to ageing and skin problems. Get gorgeous and gleam along with your dear ones on the nuptials. Almeka Medical Centre (AMC) provides comprehensive skin care advice and recommends appropriate treatment to the bride, groom, and the extended family. Walk along with your loved ones for a free consultation and get to know more about our packages this wedding season.


It’s a customized pre-marital skin care program offered by Almeka. It aims to address various skin concerns for brides, grooms, and their families before the wedding day.
Aesthetic preparation is essential to address concerns such as pimples, pimple scars, unwanted hair, black moles, sun tanning/darkness, warts, and complexion improvement. Starting a skincare regime well in advance ensures a fresh and beautiful complexion for the wedding day.
The program caters to both men and women, addressing specific skin concerns, offering advanced treatments, and promising a glowing complexion without relying on makeup.
It is advisable to start the skincare regime months ahead or even a year ahead of the wedding day for optimal results.
To book an appointment, you can call 952620 4090 and schedule a consultation with our skincare professionals at Almeka.
The program effectively addresses concerns such as unwanted hair, skin tags, aging black spots, wrinkles, white raised lesions around the eyes (xanthelasma), and more.
Yes, you can walk in with your loved ones for a free consultation to learn more about the program and explore the packages available for the wedding season.
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