Get the best treatment for Melasma

Get the best treatment  for Melasma

Get the best treatment for Melasma

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Melasma Treatment in Kochi

Melasma is a chronic skin condition that causes pigmented patches of tan, brown or brown-gray to appear on your face. This disorder develops as a result of hormonal changes related to pregnancy or as the side effect of certain medications including contraceptive pills. Melasma can be also genetic and there is more probability of getting affected if it runs in your families. This is not a contagious disease and studies reveal estrogen as one of the main hormones responsible for causing melasma. Almeka Medical Mentre provides the best Melasma Treatment in Kochi

Consult with your skin doctor when you notice some abnormal patches are developing on your skin and once confirmed as melasma by your dermatologist select suitable treatments. Reducing exposure to harmful sun rays can help in preventing or maintaining the treatment result to some extent. Ensure that you use sunscreen to get extra protection during the daytime.

Symptoms of melasma

You will notice hyperpigmentation (darker pigmentation) on your cheeks, upper lip, forehead or on chins once affected with melasma. The excessive pigmentation might affect dermis or the epidermis or sometimes both layers of the patient’s skin. Melasma often develops as a painless condition with no irritations on the skin and no other links to ill health. The pigmentation is caused either by genetic predisposition or hormonal changes. Melasma starts appearing during the pregnancies in people who are aged between the 20s and 50s. This irregular pigmentation which is also known as pregnancy mask is a cause of embarrassment in many affected. So it is recommended taking adequate treatments when you notice the early symptoms of melasma.

What are the treatments available?

Dermatologists often suggest applying sunscreen that contains titanium dioxide as well as zinc oxide to prevent and treat melasma. Doctors recommend either laser treatment or chemical peeling therapy for the affected ones. Laser treatment is an efficient solution for skin pigmentations since it leaves you with clear and glowing skin. The dermal peeling technique uses products that gently exfoliate your skin. A variety of advanced cosmeceutical products evens out and lightens your skin to result in a flawless and highly radiant skin tone.