Keeping Up with the Make-Overs Happening Around!

Keeping Up with the Make-Overs Happening Around!

Keeping Up with the Make-Overs Happening Around!

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From more frequent and longer heatwaves to more intense rainstorms, scientists are increasingly confident that human-induced climate changes have induced extreme climate and weather conditions that have impacted our routines considerably. The rapid changes that happen around us have affected the fundamentals of our existence, but also the ways of health care that we used to choose. As the recent climatic events have become more frequent and intense, it is the need of the hour to stay healthy in an eco-friendlier manner. This is where we, Almeka Skin Clinic enter the scene. 

With the increased atmospheric temperature, rises the exposure to sun and it brings the risks of sunburn, tanning, immediate pigment darkening, and other serious dermatological infections. Our skin is the largest organ of our body, interacts with the external atmosphere every now and then which makes it more prone to damages. In this situation what we need is to have a medicated but non-chemical way to rejuvenate our skin and bring back the glory it had once. The peeling treatment that we offer at Almeka is a unique way of exfoliating your skin and with our impeccable treatment methods, we provide you with the best services available. 

What is Peeling Treatment?

Skin laser treatment for pigmentationPeeling treatment of chemexfoliation is the process of applying skin-friendly substances on the skin to improve its health and appearance. During the procedure, the solution applied to the skin causes trauma or injury to the already damaged outer layer of the skin which helps us to peel off the same and welcome the new and healthy skin lying beneath. 

Here at Almeka, we use a more eco/skin-friendly way to make this more effective and efficient. Instead of chemicals, we use mild fruit acids to carry out the damaged outer layer removal, which has proved to be the most successful and unique way available in the market. 

Do we offer only normal peels? No!

If you are looking for an option that is tailor-made for your requirements, then we have numerous options in store for you. Our experts will examine your skin to find the persisting problems as well as the scale of damage. This detailed diagnosis will provide both parties an ample idea regarding the current health of the skin and the ways that it needs to be treated. After finding a common ground on the treatment protocol, the right peel for the skin is suggested.

Currently, we offer normal peels (both single and double peels), deeper peels as well as combination peels in which we find the unique substance combination that suits the patient’s skin type to treat the root causes of its damage. One of the major skin problems that our generation faces is pigmentation which can easily be tackled through deeper peels. The peel needs to stay on the skin for almost 8 hours and this exfoliates your skin inside out fulfilling your wish for smoother, healthier, and fresh skin. The combination peels that we offer are often preferred by our patients and it is the most customizable way of treating the root problems that have impacted your skin health. The factors that affect the depth of peeling as well as the combination of substances are determined through thorough tests and analysis of the area that is being treated as it varies from person to person according to the varying skin types. Furthermore, we offer peels like Glycolic peels and Ferulic peels (suitable for functions) which are suitable if you are looking for the most cost-effective ways of skin rejuvenation. We recommend the use of sunscreen after the treatment and pigmentation creams will also be provided.

What does our generation look forward to when it comes to skincare?

Even though skincare is not as challenging as it sounds, it can have serious effects if ignored for a long time. To keep up with the busy schedule we often compromise in skincare which can raise serious dermatological questions in the future. Our generation always prefers capsule options where they can have immediate resolutions to their problems. They look for higher and therapeutic responses at a reasonable price. This is where we become the one-stop solution for all your concerns. The industry standard imported peels and substances that we use for the treatment offer you the skincare experience of a lifetime along with being pocket-friendly. 

At Almeka, we offer you with everything that you need to embrace a healthy skin routine and our expert care and treatment will definitely help you rectify the dermatological problems you have been facing for ages.