Mesotherapy for Hair loss problem…

Mesotherapy for Hair loss problem…

Mesotherapy for Hair loss problem…

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Hair loss is like a nightmare come true to most of us. We spend so much of our time and valuable money for curing this condition. Most of the time hair care products that we bought from stores also won’t succeed in doing the magic as it offered in the commercials. So to have an effective cure many medical remedies are available these days. And ‘Mesotherapy’ is an effective treatment for those who are struggling with hair loss. This treatment helps to stop hair loss and induces hair regain for all skin type.


What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical, cosmetic procedure in which multiple tiny injections of natural extracts, vitamins, etc., are delivered into the middle layer (mesoderm) layer of the skin for therapeutic reasons. It is a pain free and pleasant treatment.
Cosmetic ingredient is used during treatment; First, the serum strengthens the health of the hair follicles and increases their survival potential. The serum also stimulates collagen and increases follicle size. Second, it improves blood circulation in the thinning region ensuring your hair gets sufficient nutrition. Gradually helps in to stop hair loss and regain new hair. In baldness treatment, an expert injects a calculated solution of vitalizing compounds directly at the root of the thinning hair regions. Mesotherapy is suitable for both men and women.

Causes For Hair loss:

Loss of sleep, nutritional deficiency, illness, following change of place, change of water used for washing the hair, weather changes, life style changes, tension and stress at work, pollution and above all genetics play a vital role in causing hair loss.

Time taken for the treatment:

The normal time taken to complete the treatment is approximately 30-60 minutes according to the area of treatment and the best part is that there are no side effects that are involved. Moreover there are no pre or post precautionary measures that are required to be followed.

Sessions needed:

5-10 sessions are necessary for Mesotherapy treatment for hair loss. Each session must succeed a gap of 2/3 weeks from the last appointment. Results begin to show in about three months. The Mesotherapy cost is not exorbitant at all!1389213487

Is it effective?

Since the treatment gets to the root of the cause for hair loss, the problem will be drastically reduced.

How much time will this Mesotherapy take to give results?

Since the cause of the hair loss can be multi faceted and patients take different time to respond according to various factors, results may take about a month to show up.

The first step to start this treatment is by taking a consultation appointment with an expert dermatologist. Dermatologist examines the scalp and hair and possible causes and reasons for hair loss. Then the findings and remedies will be discussed during consultation.