Redefining You; The Art of Microblading

Redefining You; The Art of Microblading

Redefining You; The Art of Microblading

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Microblading is a form of tattoo, but semi-permanent in nature. The process includes the insertion of pigments into the basal layers of the skin. For people with thin eyebrows, microblading offers a sense of completeness to the face and it helps to look the eyebrows fuller and healthy. Being a semi-permanent make-up technique, in which the eyebrows are enhanced or reshaped it gives the brows the 

The Microblading Process

Before and After the Microblading procedure.
Microblading – Before and After

After numbing the skin with topical anesthetics, the microblading tool with the suitable ink is carefully stroked on your eyebrows to bring out the desired appearance. The procedure takes about 30 minutes, and the results will last from 6 months to 2 years depending upon the ink chosen as well as the treated skin type.

Is Microblading Better than Tattooing?

Microblading makes use of a comparatively lower amount of pigment. It offers a more natural and sophisticated look than tattoos and with this the eyebrows look more defined. Using the microblade tool, color pigments are applied as strokes onto the skin to look like hairs. Unlike tattooing, the results are semi-permanent, hence microblading is a safer option in times when eyebrow trends keep on changing. 

In addition to this, with microblading, the color doesn’t change over a period where in the case of tattooing this is a risk factor. Also since microblading is a hand drawn procedure, the damage over the skin as a result of the procedure will be minimal as well as the ink will not bleed over time. Microblading ink comes in  various colors and textures and as time passes, the overall tone stays more or less the same. When it comes to the tattoo ink, for eyebrow tattoos, they use a specialized pigment , but as the time passes, it fades and leaves a blue-green tint, especially around the edges of the tattoo. 

Allergies and Infections

Allergic reactions are very rare during the procedure. Therefore, it is important that the patient is provided with everything regarding the pigments and equipment being used, and their expected effects. Since the process involves the breaking of the skin, the possibilities of infections can occur if the treatment is done in a compromised non-sterilized environment. 

Before and After Microblading

There is a certain amount of discomfort associated with this procedure and that redness and bruising may occur. Some people bruise or swell more than others. The swelling typically disappears in 1-5 days. 

Things to Remember

  • Tanning beds, pools, and certain skincare products can affect the durability of the tattoo.
  • Topical retinoids, alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid must not be used on the treated areas. It will alter the color and cause premature exfoliation of the pigments.
  • Implanted pigment can slightly fade over time and the patient is expected to maintain the color with future applications, and a touch-up session.
Microblading done in various densities.
Microblading treatment

Microblading Procedure at Almeka

Every effort will be made from our end to avoid asymmetry. Also, we consider the patient’s requirements and expectations regarding the eyebrow shape, texture, and color and work towards achieving cent percent client satisfaction. Here at Almeka, all cross contamination guidelines are strictly adhered to, and all instruments that come into contact with the body fluids are disposable, and disposed of after use. Our treatment results are excellent with optimum success rates. 

It is usual and advised to expect a touch-up once the healing is completed. Initially, the color will appear more vibrant or darker compared to the result. Usually, within 5-7 days, the color will fade 40-50% soft and look more natural. 

Being one of the leading skincare hubs in Kochi, Almeka promises you everything that you need to take ultimate care of your skin. Our microblading procedure will definitely help you achieve the symmetry and completeness you have been looking for all these years in an effective, efficient, and safe manner.

Moreover, we are happy to be your ideal half in skincare, who is only an appointment away!