Paining corns? No worries!

Paining corns? No worries!

Paining corns? No worries!

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Can’t bear the scorching pain of corns? Getting hard to properly work or press your feet because of plantar warts? Do not grieve more! Almeka Medical Center assures you a pain-free time. Walking, dancing, workouts, almost everything in our daily life require the use of our feet and having corns really causes a tough time. But with Almeka, you can get rid of your corns easily with our corn treatment.

What is a corn?

A corn is a thickened skin that occurs on the top or sides of a toe and is caused by pressure or friction. It is mostly formed due to shoes that do not fit properly. Plantar warts or corns are caused by HPV (human papillomavirus) and are really painful.

Procedure of corn treatment at Almeka

The corn treatment at Almeka guarantees the removal of corns through laser treatment, making your life easier and more comfortable. Almeka uses Co2 laser and Nd YAG laser for the corn removal treatment. The plantar warts are dressed using highly concentrated salicylic acid for decreasing the intensity and size of the corn. This is done every third day until the corn becomes thin and lean enough to perform the laser treatment. It is then removed by the Co2 or Nd YAG laser.

Why choose Almeka?

Laser treatment for corn removal at Almeka Medical Centre is effective and brings out great results even for hard to treat cases.  Regular maintenance is not required once the laser treatment is done, as it completely cures warts and the lesions are recovered fully. Get the best treatment for wart removal from Almeka Medical Centre for a playful time. You can bid goodbye to all the worries and pain. Walk, dance, step up, sweat and train hard, do all of it! The corns are no longer going to trouble your habits and hobbies. Almeka has got it all covered.