Hair volume boosting tips…

Hair volume boosting tips…

Hair volume boosting tips…

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Most women dreams to have shiny thick hair . Some have naturally bouncy hair volume while some lack this hair volume and the hair falls flat. So for those who don’t have that bouncy hair look let me help you with some easy ways to create a marvelous bouncy hair apart that flat and thin look. Here are 5 good ways to boost up your hair volume.

Hair volume1. Use hair volume boosting products

There are various volume boost hair products available in the market that could help give you the desired hair volume. Use volume boost shampoos, conditioners, serums and other products. These products help you give the temporary but desired hair volume whenever you want. Use these products and flaunt the bouncy hair.

2. Use your hair brush the right way

Remove the knots in your hair by using a comb with wide tooth. Then put all your hair down and start brushing it downwards. Use a bristle hairbrush to brush your hair. Follow the same process for other sections. Put your hair back and see the results. This is the easiest and instant way to pump the hair volume.

3. Treat the damaged roots

If your scalp is too oily, dry or has dandruff, then these are a few causes that make the hair fall flat. Use root strengthening serums after washing and towel drying your hair. This would help to lift the roots and add the hair volume.

4. Blow dry your hairHair volume

Apply heat protect serum on your hair and blow dry your hair. Use a hairbrush, divide sections of your hair and use the dryer. This would make your hair volume look full and bouncy. Along with this, you could also apply hair volume boost mousse.

5. Use hair spray

Hair volume boost  sprays are easily available these days. These hair sprays are root lifting sprays that help add instant volume to your hair. These products help to get the look that you want without any permanent treatment.